GymLab is a revolutionary fitness concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver dynamic intense workouts.
At GymLab you won’t be on your own, winging it, as in the typical gym. Here you’ll get individualized attention from a professional instructor.

Your Fitness Engineered by GymLab - From £25

Welcome to GymLab a Fitness, Strength, & Conditioning Gym in London specialising in group fitness training. GymLab is a centre GymLab Workout Londonof creative fitness training. Our unique training methods offers a blend of functional fitness, strength, boxing, and martial arts training. The result of which derive three fitness themes:

  • FitLab ~ High Intensity Interval Training involving high energy functional exercises.
  • StrikeLab ~ Non Contact Boxing & Kickboxing incorporating high intensity exercises.
  • FightLab ~ Martial Art training in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, & Submission Wrestling. 

We Offer

  • Varied Functional Fitness Training
  • Kettle Bell Training
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Sand Bag Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • Non Contact Kickboxing Classes
  • Competitive Martial Arts Conditioning 

GymLab London

Reject the mundane routine of the gym, and join the functional movement! Functional training is not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging, because we aim to prepare you for the unknown. You’ll be fitter, stronger, faster, and in good shape too. 


  • Tuesday 8pm ~ Functional Fitness Training
  • Wednesday 6.45pm ~ Functional Fitness Training
  • Friday 6pm ~ Functional Fitness Training

GymLab High Intensity Fitness Training

  • Monday 6.45pm ~ Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness
  • Thursday 8pm ~ Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness
  • Saturday 12.15am ~ Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness

GymLab High Intensity Fitness Training

  • Wednesday 8.845pm ~ San Shou Kickboxing
  • Thursday 8.30pm ~ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Friday 8pm ~ San Shou Kickboxing
  • Saturday 10.30am ~ Submission Wrestling (No Gi BJJ)
  • Sunday 2pm ~ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

GymLab High Intensity Fitness Training


Here's an Example of our Work at the LWCA 

GymLab orignally designed a range of fitness classes for the London Wing Chun Academy, and has now joined the LWCA to provide a range of specialised fitness training from their gym in London. 

Want to train with us? Email us, give us a call on 020 3638 4045 or visit us.

About GymLab

GymLab Fitness is a revolutionary gym concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver a dynamic intense workout. Our aim is to create a useable, yet functional level of fitness that will prepare you for any of life’s physical contingencies.   

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  • The London Wing Chun Academy, 2nd Floor, Cypress House, 2 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London N22 6UJ
  • 07976 855 259 or 020 3638 4045
  • email GymLab

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