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Our StrikeLab classes are our unique blend of conventional Kickboxing and functional fitness training, giving you the ultimate high intensity fitness workout.

Based on the concept of striking (hitting) focus pads and/or heavy bags, you will use your hands, elbows, knees, and legs to power your way through a range of challenging timed intervals. This class truly simulates the experience of combat to push your fitness further.

In fact, we focus more on core competencies that enable you to hit harder, and kick faster. Using dynamic and functional training equipment such as Kettlebells alongside conventional kickboxing methods. This class will build your speed, agility, fitness, and you’ll lose weight and get in shape too.

Like all of our GymLab classes, this class is friendly, fun, and informal. Come see for yourself we’re open to everyone whether you're experienced or an absolute beginner, fit or unfit, or just want a great way to gain confidence and learn some self-defence skills.

As always we focus on functional patterns of movement to engage fitness using multi joint exercises, and dynamic compound movements at maximum load, distance, and speed.


GymLab London

Strictly speaking these classes are non contact Kickboxing classes, meaning that there is no sparring or risk of injury. You will get the full benefits of Kickboxing training without the bruises, and you’ll learn how to punch and kick like a professional kick boxer, but you will get in shape too. 

As in our FitLab Classes, this class also 10 themes of competencies: Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Co-ordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. A typical class may focus on one or more of these themes, but will include powerbags, kettlebells, battle ropes, and medicine balls. As well as our tried and tested martial arts and boxing methods to develop your fitness and conditioning.

StrikeLab Non Contact Fitness Training in London.

StrikeLab Non Contact Fitness Training in London.

StrikeLab Non Contact Fitness Training in London.

How StrikeLab Works

We charge £24.99 for 8 fitness classes a month. A typical class consists of a brief warm up, followed by a range of physical exercises that follow the theme of the day. We constantly try to mix the exercises to better stimulate your workout and to prevent boredom.
Generally, exercises vary between pad work, striking training with punches, kicks and elbows. As well as Kettle Bell, Power Bags, Medicine Ball workouts.


Required Equipment: We suggest a pair of Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps, although we can lend you a pair of Boxing Gloves. Please bring a towel and a Water Bottle. No other equipment is required.


  • Tuesday 8pm
  • Wednesday 6.45pm
  • Friday 6pm.
  • Monday 6.45pm
  • Thursday 8pm
  • Saturday 11.30am
  • Thursday 8.30pm
  • Saturday 10.30am
  • Sunday 1pm
  • Wednesday 8.45pm
  • Friday 8pm
  • Sunday 2.30pm

GymLab London

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About GymLab

GymLab Fitness is a revolutionary gym concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver a dynamic intense workout. Our aim is to create a useable, yet functional level of fitness that will prepare you for any of life’s physical contingencies.   

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