Reject the mundane routine of the gym, and join the functional movement!  Functional training is not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging, because we aim to prepare you for the unknown. You’ll be fitter, stronger, faster, and in good shape too. 

This is a fun, fast paced coached class using functional equipment, heavy lifts, interval drills, and team work. You will work hard, but you will never train on your own.

Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battle Ropes, Barbells, Pylo Boxes, hurdles, boxing, and bodyweight drills are just some of what we utilise to give you the ultimate fat burning and metabolism boosting workout. 

FitLab classes are open to individuals of any fitness ability or physical condition.

Have no illusions, these small coach-led classes are not a watered down version of an aerobics class, so be prepared to work hard! Our classes are packed full of functional fat burning movements that will make you strong, fit and energised! 


The concept of our classes is based on the principle of functional movement to engage fitness. Functional training involves multi joint exercises, typically compound movements at maximum load, distance, and speed.

We work on 10 themes of competencies: Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Co-ordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. A typical class may focus on one or more of these themes, with a range of equipment such as powerbags, kettlebells, battle ropes, and medicine balls. We also employ various tried and tested martial arts and boxing methods to develop your fitness and conditioning.


How FitLab Works

We charge £24.99 for 8 fitness classes a month. A typical class consists of a brief warm up, followed by a range of physical exercises that follow the theme of the day. We constantly try to mix the exercises to better stimulate your workout and to prevent boredom.
Generally, exercises vary between Kettle Bell, Power Bags, Medicine Ball workouts to Battle Ropes or pad work and striking training.


Required Equipment: We suggest a T-Shirt and shorts or Jogging bottoms. Please bring a towel and a Water Bottle. No other equipment is required.


  • Tuesday 8pm
  • Wednesday 6.45pm
  • Friday 6pm.
  • Monday 6.45pm
  • Thursday 8pm
  • Saturday 11.30am
  • Thursday 8.30pm
  • Saturday 10.30am
  • Sunday 1pm
  • Wednesday 8.45pm
  • Friday 8pm
  • Sunday 2.30pm

GymLab London

Want to train with us? Email us, give us a call on 020 3638 4045 or visit us.

About GymLab

GymLab Fitness is a revolutionary gym concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver a dynamic intense workout. Our aim is to create a useable, yet functional level of fitness that will prepare you for any of life’s physical contingencies.   

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