StrikeLab is a fantastic Non Contact Kickboxing Class that will get you in shape and push your fitness to the limit.

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Welcome friend, by simply clicking on our website you have identified yourself as wanted to go beyond the typical mundane approach of achieving fitness, strength, and weight loss. Look through our website to see what we can do for you.

About GymLab

GymLab is a revolutionary fitness concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver a range of dynamic intense workouts. At the core of our approach are high energy work bouts with short rest intervals to stimulate your aerobic capacity making you fitter, stronger, and in good shape.

You don’t have to be a fit or interested in martial arts to join us, but can benefit from our methods without every stepping into a ring. That’s why we designed GymLab. GymLab is the fusion of creative high intensity fitness training with athletic martial art performance.

Our Fitness Training is Tried and Tested

Athletes of the fighting arts are great example of functional strength and fitness. These athletes are highly conditioned out of pure necessity because winning or losing a competitive match often simply comes down to fitness and conditioning. That’s why we know we can get you in shape and prepare you to be fit and strong.

The demands of martial combat require dealing with the unknown controlled by your opponent. So a typical gym routine of running on a treadmill or pushing weights simply won’t do. Regardless of your age, fitness ability, we prepare you to be fit by delivering constantly varying exercise. You won’t get bored with our fitness regime, but you will get motivated, strong, and fit for anything.  

GymLab Fitness London

Just Some of Our Team

Dr. Mark Phillips
Head Coach

Mark has nearly 30 years experience in coaching martial arts and fitness athletes from a range of physical disciplines. He is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Sports Psychology and Functional Fitness which makes him a driving force behind our coaching team.

Pani Panayiotes
Conditioning Coach

We were so impressed with Pani that we recruited him directly from the London Wing Chun Academy. Although, he can still be found coaching at their gym, he now provides a range of StrikeLab and FitLab classes on our behalf.

Elliot Middleton
Head San Da Coach

Elliot is from the London Wing Chun Academy. He's also a personal trainer and PE teacher! He has sucessfully coached the LWCA San Shou team to numerous medals and competitions. We're lucky to have him on our team.

Want to train with us? Email us, give us a call on 020 3638 4045 or visit us.

About GymLab

GymLab Fitness is a revolutionary gym concept that combines functional patterns of movement with the very best combat fitness training to deliver a dynamic intense workout. Our aim is to create a useable, yet functional level of fitness that will prepare you for any of life’s physical contingencies.   

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